Computer Classes

Computer Programs

Programs in basic computer and internet use are offered on an ongoing basis. Classes are held in the Computer Lab and are limited to 16 students per class. Classes meet twice a week on Tuesdays or Friday from 10 to 11 a.m. You may sign up for one day or multiple days as you need. Days and dates are not absolute(s) until you register. If you are interested in any of these classes, please fill out one registration form for the class you wish to start with using the links below. Please be patient as we work to get you into a class as fast as we can. You must have been registered and contacted in order to come to class. For further information, please contact Ashley Newsome at 936-291-5485, or by email.

The Huntsville Public Library is offering free Intermediate Computer classes. Classes will be held from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Thursdays starting July 13th though August 3rd in the Adult Computer Lab. These classes will feature how to create, duplicate, and edit files; move and organize files; deleting file types; and downloading and installing programs. July 11- File Creation, Duplication, Editing; July 18- Moving and Organizing Files; July 25- Deleting and File Types; August 1- Downloading Files and Installing Programs.  Class size is limited so you must be registered to take the class. You can register below or at the Tech Reference Desk. This program is for adults 18 and older. For more information, feel free to stop by the library or call 936-291-5485

Summer Computer Class Schedule

Classes are held once a week on Tuesdays from 10 to 11 am for the months of June, July and August. Class size is limited so please sign up early.

​Intermediate Class (Windows 7)

First Class: File Creation, Duplication and Editing
Second Class: Moving and Organizing
Third Class: Deleting and File Types
Fourth Class :Downloading and Installing Programs

​Excel 2010 Class

First Class : Data entry/Layout
Second Class: Cell Formatting
Third Class: Formulas
Fourth Class: Manipulating a Table

Computer Courses

Computer Basics course includes:

  • How to use the mouse
  • How to use the keyboard
  • How to use the internet 
  • How to use web based e-mail
  • Parts of the computer

Intermediate course includes:

  • Creating and Saving files
  • Creating and Moving files into folders
  • Deleting and File Types
  • Downloading Files
  • Downloading Programs

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office course includes classes for Word 2010, PowerPoint2010, and Excel 2010. When you sign up for Microsoft Office, you will start with Word 2010 and work your way through Excel 2010. Students that have newer computers and Office 2013 will be given guides similar to the 2010 Guides, so students can practice class material at home.

PowerPoint 2010

  • Set a Theme and Title Slide 
  • Add a Pre-Formatted Slide and Content Part 1 
  • Add a Pre-Formatted Slide and Content Part 2 
  • Adding a Blank Slide and Manual Content/ View a Slideshow and Customize Entries 
  • Personal Presentations 

Excel 2010

  • Data Entry/ Layout 
  • Cell Formatting  
  • Formulas 
  • Manipulating a Finished Table 

Word 2010

  • Typing and Corrections 
  • Formatting Text/ Pictures and Graphics 
  • Tables and Charts/ Copy and Paste 
  • Bullets and Outlines / Smart Art